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Harkin Global is also committed to the highest level of standards in transparency, Corporate Responsibility, Environmental concern, Society consciousness & Ethics being a FDI invested company.

Harkin Global has established its roots in India and have gained an unimaginable momentum with love from Indian consumer within a short span of time.


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Geek Appliances, is based in New Jersey, USA. Our main objective is to put more emphasis on product customization and technical innovation.
Geek appliance is your trusted partner; as every scenario is analyzed to provide the highest end user out of box experience. The core of Geek appliance’s innovations remain an unwavering commitment to provide families with quality products and efficient home solutions.
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Fun spirit in you deserves the quirky quotient in what you own in your new-age home. Move over grey and black. Be daring.

Be daring. Get trendy. Brayden – Young, Imaginative, and Contemporary range is born out of a passion to challenge status-quo. Exciting shall be the journey when the modern you and the cool Brayden bonds together.

Let’s chuck the boredom and move on being funky. Brayden – Discover fun!!! Bwirl A swirl of Bliss. A swirl of joy. A swirl of delight. Bwirl – Brayden’s Swirl symbol is depictive of its intent in human lives. Being quick in kitchen lets you discover yourself.

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